Hi, my name is John McGowan and I am an authorized Google Education Trainer. As an early adopter of technology, I love to adapt the fail-fast mentality and push the bounds of technology integration in the math classroom. My passion is to ignite student interest in math by creating dynamic visualizations and using scripts to give personalized instruction and feedback to students instantly. My goal is to make Coding the new Calculus.

g(Math) on tour!

You can find me in person presenting about g(Math) at the locations below. If you would like to add your school/district/conference to the list, you can contact me at jwmcgowan@gmail.com.

September 6-7: Singapore Summit featuring Google for Education: Singapore

October 3-4: European Summit featuring Google for Education: Prague, Czech Republic

November 8-9: Kuala Lumpur Summit featuring Google for Education: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

March 16: SST Tech Summit: School of Science and Technology, Singapore.