You can now use g(Math) to create a multiple choice question using all of the g(Math) resources!

To create a multiple choice question, choose the Create a multiple choice question from the Add-on menu. The sidebar will open up allowing you to create between 2 and 4 multiple choice options. By default, only option A is enabled. To enable other options, just click on the letter choice in the header and toggle the slider to include the Option.

Each option has 2 components, a top part and a bottom part. You can use g(Math) features to create each part. Click on the Top math part to create the top math portion. You can choose from create an equation, create a graph, or create a statistical display.

Once you create your math, it will be stored in the Top math part section and you can move on to the Bottom math part. 

You can also delete the store math part by clicking on the yellow x icon.

Once you create the options containing the math you want for each option, click on the big yellow + button in the header to add it as a question. 

g(Math) automatically creates your question labeling the options with A and B and inserts a multiple choice question below for the response.