1. The Enter LaTeX textarea. You enter LaTeX expressions in this box.


2. LaTeX Preview Area. This will preview what your LaTeX expression will render into.

**It does automatically update, but sometimes lags behind the Enter LaTeX box.**


3. Insert Button. This button will insert the LaTeX expression from the Enter LaTeX box into your Doc at the current cursor position.


4. Edit from Doc Button. Select an expression image that you created with g(Math) in your Doc. Then click on the Edit from Doc button and the expression will populate the Enter LaTeX box where you can then edit it.


5. Clear Enter LaTeX box. Click on the Clear text and it will clear the Enter LaTeX box.


6. Regular Text Button. In order to type regular  (non-math) text, you need to use the \mbox{} LaTeX code. Click this button to create regular text in your expression.

7. Prebuilt Math Buttons. There are a plethora of prebuilt LaTeX math expression in these sections. If you would like to see any more, please let me know on Twitter @jmacattak or on Google+ at www.google.com/+JohnMcGowan.