formCreator is a Google Sheets Add-on that allows users to create a Google Form directly from their Google Sheet. formCreator does need your Sheet to have some specific settings to run correctly. 

Once you begin by clicking on the Create Form submenu, you can Setup the sheet to create the specific formatting of the column headers.

Sheet view after Setup.

Sheet view after Setup.

Now you can populate the sheet with info about the questions and question types you would like to use.

You can populate it with information from an existing Google Form by using my formIngester Add-on.  It is not live in the Add-on store yet so you need to join my Trusted Tester group here first:!forum/formingester-trusted-tester

Then you can add formIngester to your Add-on menu here:

I will work on publishing it to the Add-on store when I have some more time :)

Here is what the Sheet will look like if I populate it with options from an existing Form using formIngester:

Info populated by formIngester.

Info populated by formIngester.

Details required for certain question types:

  • For GRID questions 2 rows are required in the Begin Choices options. The first row is the Row headers. The second row is the Column headers.
  • The IMAGE question type is looking for =Image("imageURL") in the ImageURL column.
  • The SCALE question type is looking for the Left Label: YourLabel in Column H, Lower Bound: 0 or 1 in Column I, Right  Label: YourLabel in Column J, Upper Bound: # in Column K where # must be 3-10 inclusive.
  • If you used formIngester and had a VIDEO item, it will not know the VideoURL as we cannot obtain that through Google Apps Script yet.

Once you have populated the Sheet with your questions in the Question tab, put your Form Title in the textarea in the Sidebar and click Create Form. After the Form is created successfully, you will see a popup box will show you the URL of the Form you can Edit and the Published Live Form.

If my minions continue to run without showing the Success! box, then there is an error. The most common errors are ones when the exact format is not given for the IMAGE, SCALE, or GRID question types as detailed above.

Please let me know if you are having issues and I will try to rectify them as soon as possible.