QuizNinja in g(Math) for Forms allows you to create individualized, differentiated quizzes using g(Math) objects! Before running the Create individual forms you will need a sheet that contains your Questions. Your questions sheet must be in the form of Instructions, Questions, Answers, Step-by-step solutions. 

From the g(Math) for Sheets Add-on menu, choose QuizNinja->Create individualized forms. The Sidebar will populate that will create your sheet with the appropriate options. 

Stage 1: Setup your Student Data sheet. g(Math) QuizNinja requires you to have a sheet called Student Data. The structure of this sheet is the same as a Doctopus Roster. Click Setup Student Data sheet to create a sheet with the appropriate structure.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.25.30 PM.png

 You can use a sheet that is already created, just name it Student Data and it must have the correct structure in the first 6 columns: 

The Question Sheet column (column F) will automatically create a dropdown data validation allowing you to choose any sheet that exists when you run the Stage 1 setup. This is why it is essential to have all of your questions sheets already created before running the form creation.

Stage 2: Fill in the Student Data.

Fill in the 4 columns: Student First Name, Student Last Name, Email Address, and Question Sheet. The Question Sheet is the sheet that contains the questions for the student in that row. This is how you can differentiate for students, by choosing different question sets!!

Stage 3: Choose the number of questions and create the forms!

When creating the forms, the QuizNinja will randomly choose the specified number of questions from the Question Sheet. Each student will get a unique form and you can send repeat forms on the same topic without duplicating the questions. This stage is where a bulk of the work will be done. QuizNinja will populate the sheet with the information for each student form, including the question, answer, and step-by-step solution.

When the form has been created, QuizNinja will write Form Created in the Form Created? column.

This value serves two purposes:

1. QuizNinja can only run for 6 minutes at a time. If it doesn't finish the job, you can click the Create Forms button again and it will create a form for all the student rows that do not have the Form Created value in this cell.

2. If you want to send a student the form again, just delete this value and then click Create Form. It will create a new form for only that student (or any students that don't have a value in that cell.

Stage 4: Send emails containing form URLs. Once all the forms are created, just click this button and QuizNinja will send an email to all of the students containing the URL of the live form. The Email Sent? column will also populate with Email Sent when the email goes out. If you want to re-send the email, just delete this value and click Send Emails again. QuizNinja only sends emails to rows where this value is empty.